Bicycle Repairs


Bicycle maintenance is extremely important if you want to receive the most enjoyment and pleasure from your bike. Bikes should always be kept clean and properly adjusted so as to provide optimum performance. Equally important, proper air pressure should be maintained in the tires. We provide all types of service from simple tube replacement to complete overhaul, from frame build-up to brake adjustment and we have most of the parts needed in stock.

We suggest that bikes receive at least 1 tune-up a year, for the casual rider. Avid riders may require more than that. Our tune-ups include gear and brake adjustment, drivetrain lubrication, minor wheel true if needed, safety check, tire and tube examination, and any adjustments needed. Tune-ups are $75, plus parts (additional labor charges may apply). We will notify you, prior to performing any additional work.

Remember, we have a full service repair shop! Beach Bike will repair all brands and provide free estimates. We stock repair parts for all bikes so that you don’t normally have to wait for parts to be ordered. Tubes and Tires replaced while you wait!

Wheel Service

Flat repair/install, tubeless or tubular install, wheel truing, spoke installation.


Brake adjustment/rotor true, cable installation, disc brake bleed, brake surface and pad de-glazing/cleaning


Chain installation, freewheel work, crank installs, bottom bracket work


Front & rear adjustments


Bar install, tube cutting, fork install, and more

Bike Building

Beach Bike Shop Services